Thankful, looking to the next season

Current mood: extremely thankful.

My 3rd workplace and my 3rd year of work. Time passes quickly and things have gone by as fast too! This is a workplace where I would remember lots about the people and culture. My colleagues have been so supportive and nice – when I made mistakes, they were there to defend me. It’s was a short but extremely fruitful time, wish I had the chance to stay longer.

Remember the first few months of working in Republic Plaza, having to listen to Yiruma’s songs in the lift. Rubbing on the Japanese culture at the start was hard, but out of it I learnt respect in many aspects – on time, with colleagues, with friends. It was a nice ‘self-regulating’ culture, that I’ve grown to love. It would be hard to forget the seniors, team leads and bosses that have protected me through the different seasons in this 2 years.